This Course trains participants on concepts, techniques, application of MS Excel and VBA Programming essential for design and development of Integrated Financial Models. After completing the course, the user would be able to design and develop Component and Integrated Financial Models. Course Objectives and expected outcome at each stage is given in the slide below.Details of fees for online course and program via skye and payment mode are given in the power point slide seen at the top below the course title. Participants form outside of India can pay their fees via paypal as per the links below this page either through their paypal account or by debit / credit card, as they will be directed. Participants from India can make the payment either through Card or make payment via NEFT as per the details in the power point slide available as mentioned earlier. For better visibility of the information in that slide, you can open it in a separate tab. Once enrolment is over, the program will be conducted through skype, as per schedule.This image consists of the Course Objectives of Integrated Financial Modeling Course